May, 2013:

I have been frustrated when searching for properties online. The properties are either sold or not even on the market at all. Where do we get accurate information online?

We are guessing that you are searching on one of the many 3rd party websites out there that offer free listing information to consumers. These websites frequently display grossly inaccurate information. Trying to determine how they even obtain some of their information in the first place can be like trying to solve atomic equations.

Much more up to date and reliable online information is available through real estate company websites such as ours:

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As an owner, can you really get paid by the banks for short selling your house?

Yes. Many lenders (not all) will pay you, as the homeowner to cooperate in the short sale of your property. This is referred to by the lenders as “relocation assistance”.  This assistance is based on a number of factors, including the loan balance, current value of the property and the loss severity rate. At least one major lender has recently increased their limit on relocation assistance payments to a whopping $45,000!

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