August, 2013:

Are the foreclosures and short sales drying up? Fewer of them seem to be available for purchase.

Yes, they are. Distressed properties only represent 20% of the sales market this year as opposed to more than 40% just two years ago. Foreclosure filings are down an average of 37% as compared with last year. Strong buyer demand for distressed properties has caused the average sale price for such properties to increase by 27% as compared with last year as well.

The low interest rates that we are seeing have played a significant role in the reduction of distressed inventory. Call us for a list of what’s available today and be ready to act quickly!

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What are the most inexpensive improvements that we can make to our house to make it show better?

No two houses ever seem to be in identical conditions. One home may need paint while another may need landscaping upgrades. We can easily compile a list of decorating suggestions to help “dress your house for success”.  The entire process takes less than 30 minutes.

However, some commonly overlooked interior items when sprucing up are things such as A/C registers, door knobs, door hinges, cabinet hardware and light fixtures.  These can be inexpensive items to replace and may really help freshen up the appearance!

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